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I’m so happy you found me. I’m a contemporary romance writer whose recently turned her sights on erotica (and I’m having the time of my life). You can find my writing here including novel excerptsshort stories and snippets.

I love to push the boundaries with my writing. My themes tend to be around submissive women with dominate men with a bit of BDSM thrown in for fun.


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happy new year

i can’t believe it’s almost halfway through the first month of the year. i’m happy that the days are slowly getting longer (i’m in michigan) and the sun has been making a surprise appearance. the writing hasn’t been flowing as much as i’d like. i gave myself permission to take some time off during the…

Sweet Obedience published!!

I’m so excited to announce that Sweet Obedience – The Island Series Book Three has published today! To celebrate, I’m offering Sweet Surrender – The Island Series Book One for only 99¢ for TODAY ONLY. It’ll go up to $1.99 tomorrow, $2.99 on Sunday and then back to its full price on Monday. You can…

what it means to surrender

i’ve been exploring the dynamics of submission and what it means to surrender for several years, both sexually and spiritually, but it isn’t until recently that i’ve begun to discover for myself exactly what it means to surrender. it started out with an urge to surrender and submit sexually – and that urge has been…

sweet obedience – an exclusive sneak peek

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of my latest book Sweet Obedience – The Island Series Book Three. It publishes on Amazon on October 23, 2020. You can pre-order your copy now! If you want to read it now, join my advanced reader team. If you haven’t read Sweet Surrender or Sweet Submission yet, you’ll want to read those before diving into Sweet Obedience for a…

An exploration into domestic discipline

If you’ve peaked at my favorites page, you’ll notice that i have a lot of links to various domestic discipline sites. It’s a concept that’s intrigued me for the past year when I first discovered it. I love the idea of taking a pre-existing relationship and transforming it into one that makes the women subservient…

happy birthday to my hubby

what started out as a way to wish my husband happy birthday tomorrow turned into several hours of thinking up the most salacious and racy things i could do for him. i created a sexy submissive oriented coupon book for him complete with 50 different coupons – some that even push my boundaries. i wanted…

sweet submission

the clock is ticking down until sweet submission – book two of the island series releases tomorrow. it’s the second book i’ve published ever and i’m super excited. i also happen to be publishing it on my birthday which makes it that much sweeter. some of the advanced reader reviews have started coming in and…

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